Sometimes projects that Calysta Consulting is working on for our clients require engineering which is beyond the scope of services Calysta provides. Situations may arise where structural engineering, geotechnical engineering or materials testing is required.

Calysta Consulting will sometimes sub-contract the structural or geotechnical engineering work to KDR Engineering Consultants Ltd. on behalf of our clients. KDR Engineering is a firm Paul originally founded in 1980 but has been run by Kathie Kompauer since 1999. The engineering services that can be provided by KDR Engineering include:

  • Building component design including beams, columns, walls, etc.
    • Wood-frame construction including truss-joist, timberlam, glulam and jager products
    • Steel, reinforced concrete, ICFS, and masonry building systems
  • Foundation and retaining wall system design
    • Conventional, raft and pile foundation systems
    • Cast-in-place reinforced concrete
    • Allan Block, Keystone and Lock Block systems
  • Soils testing for foundation design
  • Inspections and investigations
    • Condition assessment of existing structures
    • Renovations & upgrades to existing structures to meet building code
  • Concrete troubleshooting including recommendations for repairs
  • Types of projects
    • Residential, single and multi-family
    • Low-rise apartments
    • Warehouse and industrial buildings
    • Low-rise office buildings & shopping plazas

When soils testing, asphalt testing or concrete testing is required by Calysta Consulting for a client’s project, we work closely with ITL Testing Laboratories.

Both KDR Engineering and ITL Testing Laboratories share office space with Calysta Consulting in Abbotsford.