An annual or bi-annual preventative maintenance program establishes a data base of building inventory and the maintenance history. For this, Building Owners can prepare short-term maintenance and long-term replacement budgets. It provides a means to economically maintain and prolong the life expectancy of the building or roof. It saves substantially on consulting fees by surveying all of the areas in question at the outset. Conflict of interest situations with contractors and suppliers is avoided and it avoids confusion created by multiple proposals and wide variance in price. Emergency repairs and subsequent inflated billings can be reduced. Our Preventative Maintenance Program includes the following:

  • Initial inspection of all the building areas included within the scope of work.
  • Routine maintenance and obvious minor repairs identified.
  • Preparation and distribution of maintenance specifications outlining the scope of work with emphasis on critical details.
  • Assessment of the various bids and negotiation of fees to ensure that costs fall within established budget guidelines.
  • Performance of construction inspections to ensure specification compliance and quality control.
  • A data base will monitor the status of all buildings and roof systems providing a maintenance history through regularly updated reports. An additional spreadsheet will give the maintenance schedule, budget status and forecasts for all building and roof areas.